Coughlin, Brian (  )
Compositor Estadounidense de nueva York. 
Es autor de

Coro mixto y grupo de rock
mezcla gregoriano con actual
Using the traditional structure of the Requiem mass and styles ranging from plainchant and organum to neoromanticism and minimalism, Brian Coughlin’s dramatic, eclectic work pays homage to the long, venerable tradition of the mass as a vehicle for musical expression. By pairing the chorus with the amplified instruments of Fireworks Ensemble and juxtaposing the ancient Latin texts with rock-style settings of original poetry, however, Requiem also offers a fresh perspective on the timeless themes of loss, sacrifice, and the fragility of the human experience. Over the course of the evening-length performance, Requiem transforms the lament for the dead into a celebration of life, renewal, and hope.
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