Sobel, Liza (1990)
Compositora y soprano Estadounidense
es autora de un

Para soprano solista, coro de voces femeninas y conjunto de camara
I. Introitus
II. Kyrie
III. Dies Irae
IV. Instrumental Interlude
V. Lacrimosa
VI. Sanctus
VII. Benedictus
VIII. Agnus Dei

dura 20 mnutos

For her senior honors thesis, Liza Sobel combined her passions in both voice and composition in her senior honors thesis of a requiem for female choir and chamber orchestra, with Liza Sobel as the soprano soloist. (Liza is in the middle of the chorus towards the center in the lavender dress with a little sparkle. Sorry for the inferior photography.)

This requiem is in honor of her very special grandmother, Pauline Westerfeld, who died in December 2011, and Liza's beloved pugs Cody and Wrinkles Sobel, who also died this past year. This requiem is also for all students who have had to deal with these losses.

Unlike a formal mass, which has a fixed text, a requiem's text is more flexible. This requiem has eight movements, and each movement has a different instrumentation. The different instrumentation not only provides timbral variety, but is also meant to enhance the dramatic arch of the piece. The eight movements form two major sections. The first section is a buildup of instruments and tension that consists of Introitus, Kyrie, and Dies Irae. The instrumental Interlude after the Dies Irae transitions to the slower and calmer second half of the piece, which consists of the Lacrimosa, Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei.

Many thanks to the musicians, singers and especially the conductor and thesis advisors. They made this performance possible with their talent and generosity.

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