Walker, Jack (  )
Compositor Estadounidense, Vive en Southampton
Jack has been writing and producing music for over 25 years, and every year he realizes just how much more he has to learn about composition and creation.
The last decade has seen quite a few changes around his studio and writing space. He moved away from live performance and producing rock music to writing for TV, film and meditation music. His music for TV and film has been widely known for it’s emotional, thought-provoking and inspirational tone, which has culminated in a number of projects, including his first meditative release: Twilight Meditations.
His recent work has landed him on VH1, CBS, MTV, Women’s Entertainment, A&E and Discovery channel. He has also worked on some critically acclaimed projects, and has found quite a bit of fulfillment working on programming that focuses on human emotion and drama.
2013 promises to be an exciting year with the release of a number of records throughout the coming months. His follow-up album is slated to be release in the second quarter of the New Year, as well as music written with songwriters Scott Kohlmorgen and Rory Sullivan.
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Requiem in Fm
This is the final movement of the Requiem in Fm. Both the vocal performance and translation were performed by soprano Katie Lewis. Here's the latin and english translation:
Musica del movimiento final

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