Pope, Anna Stirling (1968) 
Compositora y cantante Australiana de Adelaida
es autora de un

In Paradisum
pertenece a la obra The Traveller
In 2010, I composed the three part work The Traveler for Lumina's Adelaide Fringe concert 'Angels vs Demons'. This work explores what might happen after death, with inspiration from Dante's 'Inferno' and parts of the 'Dies Irae'. The traveler (a high lyric baritone) starts in purgatory, where he is introduced to the chorus of angels and demons. In 'Supplicio', he is courted by both choruses, and tries to make up his mind who he should believe and accept as his future. Finally, he ends in Paradise where he is joined by the chorus of angels who enfold him into their midst. I also composed the 8-part Duo Seraphim for the same concert, a piece firmly on the side of the angels and inspired by the Renaissance polyphony of composers such asGombert and Monteverdi.

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