Frehner, Paul (1970)
Compositor Canadiense nacido en Montreal
es autor de

obra para narrador, coro y percusión
'My work on Corpus began with exploring mystical, religious and metaphysical writings on the universal topic of the human body and spirit in its various states of life, death, oblivion and afterlife. While compiling a libretto for this work I was interested in finding several texts, written in different languages and dating from different eras in history, that dealt with this subject matter and which I felt could be complementary when set musically, despite any linguistic, poetic or stylistic differences.
In the single movement of 'Corpus', two poems, separated chronologically by some 800 years, are juxtaposed and superimposed: 'Corpse' by British author and poet Michael Symmons Roberts and the 'Dies Irae Hymn'. In addition to these texts very brief biblical excerpts are included at various points in the piece. Underscoring the introduction of the work is the Aramaic phrase Talitha Koum (Mark 5:41), which means ‘Little girl, I say to you, arise.’ Near the middle of the piece, excerpts in Hebrew from Psalms 27 and 121 are inserted between lines of the ninth verse of the Dies Irae.
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