Erb, Donald (1927-2008)
Compositor Estadounidense nacido en Youngstown (Ohio)
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Ritual Observances
32 min
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Composed on 1991, Ritual Observances takes its title from the prologue of the collected works of Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. It was written for Erb's Meet the Composer residency commission for the Saint Louis Symphony and dedicated to Leonard Slatkin and Bruce Duncan Collie. The music itself contains a dedication to Mozart's Lacrymosa of the Requiem in D minor.

Ritual Observances was commissioned by the Saint Louis Symphony during Erb's tenure as composer- in-residence and received its premiere on April 30, 1992, under Leonard Slatkin's direction. The score requires full orchestra, synthesizer, amplified piano, harmonicas, slide whistles, and telephone bells. Along with conventional bows, the string section sometimes plays with wooden chopsticks.  The work is dedicated to Slatkin, Mozart, and the memory of Bruce Duncan Collie, a gifted percussionist and family friend who died of cancer in 1989 at the age of 32.The title is taken from the prologue to the collected works of Welsh poet Dylan Thoma
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