Pearson, Mario (  )
Compositor Sudafricano nacido en Ciudad del Cabo, se traslado a EEUU y vive en Kansas
Es autor del

Réquiem of Peace
para coro y orquesta mediana
Requiem of Peace is a 10 movement composition for choir and small orchestra that was conceived after the tragic events of 9/11. The 7th movement was the first movement composed. The rest of the movements evolved upon reflection while watching the pain, the chaos and the violence that day. It vividly reminded me that the struggle for peace is needed now more than ever. It is a Requiem “of” peace instead of a traditional requiem “to” something. There is a musical theme that permeates throughout several of the movements. This is the theme the listener should take with them from the performance. It is the “musical” plea for peace during these trying times in our world!

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