Money, Rodney (  )
Compositor Estadounidense
Es autor de

In Remembrance, An American Requiem
Obra para orquesta y coro
"In Remembrance, an American Requiem." The term "American Requiem" does not mean "for Americans," but means "composed by an American" giving homage to Johannes Brahms's "German Requiem." Some would also dub this work "The Money Trumpet Concerto" since it features the emotional range of the instrument from gentle compassion to extreme epic majestica, but the entire range of the brass family, including: flugelhorn, horn, trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, and tuba, is also explored throughout the piece through pure, unadulterated power. Out of the haunting enchantment of "The Garden of Love" the listener has a since that Death is resolute and the end of our journey, but "Pure Passion" comforts us in declaring, "Death is only the beginning." Lasting around 7 minutes and featuring 7 different instruments of the brass family, "Pure Passion" is dived up into 7 sections following one's life from their Earthly Mother to their Heavenly Father. This requiem was not composed for just the memory of one soul, but to all the loved ones who are so dearly missed and made a lasting impact on all our lives.
Hymn: "Hymn" and it will be part of the requiem called "In Remembrance."
Finale : "Pure Passion," scored for orchestra, is the finale of the large-scaled work

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