Smith, James Conrad (1990)
Compositor y pianista Estadounidense nacido en New Jersey
James Conrad Smith followed Li. Baritone and New Jersey native James is pursuing a master’s in music. His operatic roles include Marco (Gianni Schichi), Major-General Stanley (Pirates of Penzance), Le Marquis (Dialogue of the Carmelites) and Slook (La Cambiale di matrimonio), as well as Don Giovanni in Salzburg, Austria. Over the last year Smith directed and produced Don Giovanni and Pirates in New Jersey. Last March, his choral composition, “Reflection: Innocent Thoughts About Peace,” was performed at Carnegie Hall by the Vocal Accord ensemble from Montclair State University, Smith’s undergraduate institution.
Es autor del

Piano Concert n 1 (Requiem for a Fish)
Concierto para piano y orquesta en progreso
Considerado una broma musical
dura 18 minutos
James Conrad Smith's Piano Concerto, No. 1 in G minor, or "Requiem for a fish" a work in progress from 2011 - 2015 for piano and orchestra in five movements. This piece was begun after the sudden death of a pet tetra, Wolfie. After three years of inactivity, the piece was reexamined, expanded into five movements, and ultimately completed. Originally entitled "Wolfie's Song," it now stands as a parody requiem in memoriam recounting his death, his life, and our sober reflection. In NO way is this meant to be serious, it's a only just a musical joke, albeit on a semi-grand scale. Enjoy.
Movement I, Allegro Moderato, G minor, "Requiem for a fish" 0:03
Movement II, Adagio, G-flat Major, "Musical Paraphrase of 'Non mi dir' from DON GIOVANNI" 3:50
Movement III, Largo, F# Major, "Chorale for Orchestra" 7:50
Movement IV, Andante Agitato, F/G minor, "Fugue" 10:42 
Movement V, Presto, G Major, "Finale" 12:00


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