Webb, Stephen (  )
Compositor New Age
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In Paradisum
Musica instrumental
Editada en CD
Most of the tracks on this album began as settings for local choirs to sing, either a capella or with backing tracks. To provide an illustration for the singers of how the tracks might sound, instrumental versions of the pieces were recorded. Listening back to these tracks over time, they seemed to provide in themselves, a substantial body of work for a CD programme. Additionally, four orchestral arrangements of settings by Byrd, Tallis and Josquin de Pres, seemed to complete the programme and also provide some contrast by incorporating a jazz trio. The resulting CD is very relaxing to listen to and utilises full orchestral arrangements. It contains 14 tracks and runs for just over an hour.

The Beatitudes (Matthew Chapter 5 Vs 3-10). When You See The Naked (Isaiah Chapter 58). Sanctus. Requiem Aeternam. Agnus Dei (William Byrd arranged Webb) Unless You Let Me Wash You (John Chapter 13 Vs8) Kyrie Eleison (William Byrd arranged Webb). Libera Me. Cor Meum Conturbatum Est (Josquin de Pres arranged Webb) Agnus Dei.Vision of the World (verse 6 of Kathleen Raine's poem Word Made Flesh). To the Evening Star (a setting of the William Blake poem of the same name). O Nata Lux (Thomas Tallis arranged Webb). In Paradisum.


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