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Compositor Estadounidense de Independence 
Hi! I'm Benjamin Boyer! I graduated from Evangel University with a B.A. in Music. Writing Music has always been my passion. It is my hope that you can feel and experience that passion through the humble samples of my works I upload on SoundCloud. I am a traditional Composer, which just means that I prefer the pen and papyrus over the computer. Most of my compositions are classical in nature. But I am full of surprises, as I can write in almost any genre.
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Requiem für den Erlöser
This Requiem is set for Good Friday. It is a Pseudo-Mass for the Savior's [Jesus'] Death. The Offertorium is towards the latter end of the Requiem. It comes just before the Sanctus. The Requiem is 1 of 4 Sections from my Oratorio entitled, "Emmanuel." The Requiem uses Scriptural references and is presented in German to emphasize the profound experience of the crucifixion.
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Para coro y orquesta y Bachiano total
de momento tenemos en Midi
Introitus 1
Introitus 2
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