Beskow, Andreas ( 1971 )
Compositor nacido en Suecia vive en Mallorca
Born in Sweden 1971 but raised in France (Paris), since the age of 3, Andreas Beskow starts to compose music at the age of 17.
After have been living several years in Sweden, France and China, Andreas now lives in Mallorca, where he is a full time composer.
Andreas compose music from simple piano melody to orchestral symphony, from sweet love songs to huge musicals and funny jingles to big epic film themes.
It is only year 2013 that Andreas decided to become more official with his works.
Es autor de un

Requiem for a Friend
Para cello y piano
dura 4 minutos
Pertenece al album Arriverderci
Info Arriverderci
y de un

Para piano solo
Dura 3 minutos
Pertenece al trabajo Liturgia
Info Liturgia
Musica Requiem

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