Beatch, Stuart (1991)
Compositor Canadiense que vive en Edmonton
Es autor del

Requiem for the Fallen
Para coro mixto
Dura 7 minutos
My Requiem for the Fallen is not a traditional setting of the Latin mass, but rather an adaptation of two beautiful poems from the time of the American Civil War. The first three movements are based on Henry David Thoreau's Woof of the Sun; it opens with the Introit, an invocation of the dense haze that cloaks the soldiers as they proceed to the battlefield. This is followed by the Dies Irae, embodied through the emotionless Machine of War, and full of vague hallucinatory imagery. The Libera Me breaks the tension, and is a plea for peace in the midst of chaos. In Paradisum, the final movement, instead sets a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Aftermath. As the work comes to a close, this simple chorale is intended to remind us that through the ravages of war, we are all united in our loss.
I. Introit
II. Dies Irae
III. Libera Me
featuring Jason Yuen, baritone
IV. In Paradisum


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