Einfelde, Maija (1939)
Compositora Letona
Es autora de un

Lux Aeterna
para coro mixto
Einfelde’s most recent composition, Lux aeterna, provides a glimpse into what can be seen as a significant departure from the ‘bitter life’ of a composer who once said, “Life is not beautiful, that I would be able to write beautiful music.”5 In this new work, which is taken from the Communio section of the Missa pro Defunctis, or Requiem Mass, Einfelde demonstrates a level of balance and restraint that speaks to the unifying and communal message of this portion of the Requiem Mass. Moving into the end of the first choral section, the texture opens to twelve parts at …quia pius es, and the universality of the text is coupled at largo with an undulating rhythmic augmentation which recalls what musicologist Baiba Jaunslaviete referred to as Einfelde’s “particular attraction to the sea.”6 The text is treated with care but the depth of expressivity cannot be denied. 

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