Dobrzynski, Michal (1980)
Compositor Polaco nacido en Szczecin 
Es autor de un

De Profundis    (col)
para orquesta de camara y coro mixto 
dura 7 minutos
De profundis (2010) is based on words of the Psalm 130, “Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, o Lord”. The piece was written for mixed choir and string orchestra; in the middle section a solo for alto appears, moving in its simplicity. The semantic layer of the text brings the listener from the symbolism of sea-depths, a metaphor of all human calamities, to the image of a soul waiting for God. De profundis is, in its musical dimension, an interesting combination of two different expressive states, deployed in a parallel way. In the strings, short, violent motifs (symbols of inner splitting) are confronted with the choir, progressing in the texture nota contra notam (a symbol of the elated heart – sursum corda). A melodic-harmonic aura directs the listener, on the one hand, to the mediaeval modal tradition, on the other hand, to the euphony created by the stack- ing of harmonies of thirds. As a result, the music includes human elements in the mystical, divine perspective.
y un

De profundis II
Para fortepiano y orquesta sinfonica

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