Coulthard, Jean (1908-2000)
Compositor y pianista Canadiense nacido en Vancouver
Es autor de un

Requiem (Trenody)
pieza para dos pianos
Dura 7 minutos
The inspiration behind the Requiem Piece (1968; revised 1971) was decidedly more personal than descriptive, more emotional than evocative. This work, written to commemorate the death of former Vancouver Symphony cellist Ernst Friedlander in 1966, was first performed by the pianist Marie Friedlander (Ernst Friedlander’s widow) in a 1971 CBC recital.31 A second version for two pianos, composed in the same year, was performed by the duo of Ruth Lomon and Iris Wenglin (Concord, Massachusetts, March 5, 1978; Rhode Island College, March 15, 1978). Cast in modified rondo form (a b a1 c a2, plus coda), Requiem Piece features a central section (c) based upon a quotation from the Bach Cantata No. 58, BWV 3, Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid. Coulthard’s borrowing from Bach, occurring at the precise mid-point of Requiem Piece, comprises the opening soprano line (mm. 17-21 of the original cantata) transposed up by a minor second. While Coulthard maintains the precise pitch content of the original cantata—signifying an act of homage to Bach as well as Friedlander—the quoted material is convincingly absorbed into her distinctive idiom via harmonic, rhythmic, metrical and tonal modifications.

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