Newsom, Hugh Raymond (  )
Compositor Estadounidense
Hugh Raymond Newsom was a talented vocalist, pipe organist, pianist, electra-xylaharpist, choral-festival director, and composer.
Hugh Raymond Newsom studied under Doctors Rommel, Chadwick, Mason, Heacox, Andrews, and at Iowa Wesleyan, New England, and Oberlin Conservatories. He produced more than four hundred compositions including symphonies and choral works. Three of his cantatas were produced in Boston, Oberlin, and other musical centers by large festival choruses. He gave pipe-organ recitals and directed large choral festivals and was highly critically acclaimed. He was also the director of the Hugh R. Newsom Concert Co. Management and put on concerts including one featuring Alberto Salvi, Leonora Ferrari, W. Clay Inman, Lillian Pringle, Laura Barnett, and himself.
Es autor de una

Requiem Mass in F Sharp minor
Compuesta en 1952
Para Coro mixto y oruesta
Dura 50 minutos

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