Chihara, Hdeki (1957  )
Compositor Japones
Es autor de un

Compuesto en el 2006
Para coro mixto
"Requiem" written by Hideki Chihara, we will introduce here!
This requiem was composed and first performes as a ceremonial music for victims of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake in 1995. This piece was written with idealizing Renaissance sacred musical form that has harmony and objectivity as its characters, and using Japanese ancient Shinto(神道: kind of religion) requiem, elegies(哀歌: Aika) and parting songs (挽歌: Banka) of the poet Kakinomotono Hitomaro(柿本人麻呂) who represents the anthology Manyo-shu.
We can feel it in this music that a unity of the spirits of the Orient and the occident!

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