Crouch, Shawn (1977)
Compositor Estadounidense que viv e en Miami
Es autor de la obras

The Road from Hirosima - A Requiem
Compuesta en el 2005
For chamber orchestra, choir, children's choir, soprano and baritone soloists

I first heard of Marc Kaminsky’s moving poems about life before and after the bombing of Hiroshima over a coffee in New Haven, Connecticut, where Patrick Quigley and I were both attending the Yale School of Music. Patrick recited for me a poem in which Kaminsky describes the moment after the bomb exploded, leaving only the shoes of the people who were moments before standing on the train station platform. These were moving, gripping accounts of nuclear destruction, we both wanted to collaborate in the near future on something involving Kaminsky’s words.
Scored for choir, children’s choir, soprano and baritone soloists, and chamber orchestra,the work begins with a brief “awakening” of bells days after the bombing, and moves backwards to the moments of destruction; then in the final minutes, Hiroshima as an industrial city before August 6, 1945. Borrowing much of the form from Benjamin
Britten’s War Requiem, The Road from Hiroshima works on three levels. The soprano/baritone soloists and children’s choir represent the voices whose story is told through Kaminsky’s poetry; the chamber choir, singing the Latin Requiem text represents the voice of human incarnation; and the organ, representing the spirit of
something greater than ourselves. The Latin and English text have been woven together to create not only a lament on suffering and loss, but a visceral experience of life itself in the time of tragedy.
Dura 50 minutos
Musica (extractos)

Marshland Elegie
For unaccompanied double choir (SATB)
Commissioned and premiered by the Phoenix Chorale, Charles Bruffy, conductor.
Text: Aldo Leopold

7 min

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