LachmanHeinz Adolf (1906 - 1990)
Compositor Aleman Holandes nacido en Berlin, utilizo el seudonimo de H.J. Van Limburg

dedicado a Hendrik Jacob H. Vullinghs (14/09/1883 - 09/04/1945)
Van Limburg Requiem, a work for choir, orchestra, organ and tenor solo. The Dutch Jewish composer Hans Lachman has composed this work in memory of Father Henri Vullinghs. Pastor Vullinghs has helped hiding the Lachman family (father, mother and son Michel) around Grubbenvorst (Limburg). The family Lachman has survived WW II thanks to pastor Vullinghs. Pastor Vullinghs was arrested on May 1, 1944 right before his church and after being tortured put on transport to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. From there he went to the camp Bergen-Belsen, where he died on April 9, 1945.

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