Gordon, Grant ( )
Compositor, guitarrista y cantante Ingles pertenecio al grupo The Divine Comedy

Es autor de un

Considerado como un Rock Requiem del siglo XXI
Compuesto en el 2013
Dividido en 6 partes
Why a Rock Requiem?
Grant graduated to proper rock opera in his teens when he discovered The Who's Tommy and Quardophenia albums and Pink Floyd's The Wall. In his twenties as part of pop band The Divine Comedy, he learned how to write and arrange a great song; and recently he has immersed himself in Medieval music and the requiems and passions of Bach, Verdi, Mozart and Britten. The result is his Rock Requiem. A piece for rock band and singers. Mixing Latin text with English liturgy, Hindu prayer and new divine writings, the piece is rooted in the Christian music tradition, but reaches out to those of other faiths, and those with no faith. At core it is about how epic music can lead us to redemption, and save us from the pain of grief. It is an urban, 21st Century Requiem.
"I have recently lost both my parents. Without realising it at first, the three big projects I have been working on are all about this desolation that we call 'grief'. First my rock opera 'Century' tried to reconnect with my father through retelling his family's story; then my book 'Cobras in the Rough' recounted my wanderings though India trying to piece him and me back together after he died. I started writing 'Requiem' as my mother was falling seriously ill with motor neurone disease. I didn't know why I was writing it. Now it makes perfect sense.
'Grief' describes a mind in vertigo struggling to reshape itself around the void where your most fundamental certainties and anchors used to be. Music is like superglue in this process.
The Latin mass was the starting point to which I added English liturgy, Hindu prayer and my own writing. At core it is about how epic music can lead us to redemption, and save us from the pain of grief.
We are desert people. Our religions emerged from desert people struggling with the harshest conditions, and bewildered by death. I am fascinated by faith. I heard the music I was creating as songs carried by the desert wind, half-heard fragments, like the echoes of the Big Bang that still resonate throughout the universe.
Music is the only truth. That and love.

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