Bowen, Christopher (  )
Compositor Australiano nacido en Melbourne
Es autor del

An Australian War Requiem
Compuesto entre 2013 y 2014
Para 5 solistas, coro, coro infantil y orquesta
El texto es de Pamela Traynor

El estreno fue el 10 de Agosto del 2014
The composition, based on excerpts from the Stabat Mater and also letters between soldiers at the front and their mothers at home
The work is divided into three parts;
Tableau 1. The Horrors of War. 
Tableau 2. Sons and Mothers, 
Tableau 3. Reflections on Loss.
Imagenes Yo Tube

Tambien es autor del

Liberdade Requiem
Compuesto en el 2000
dedicated to those who died whilst fighting for East Timor’s independence

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