Nichols, Mark (1964)
Compositor Norteamericano
Es autor de un

Dedicado a Bob McAllister
Written October, 2014 by Mark Nichols based on text from THE SUFFERING OF JOE BEAN, an opera by Mark Nichols with lyrics by Bob McAllister & Mark Nichols, composed 2003.
INTROIT - Fanfare
REQUIEM - Rest, gently. Or on the contrary, enjoy a great big time...
CAELESTES ET CAELI - The celestial heaven 
OMNES VITA - All life is one, all breath is one
SUNT NOBIS IN FABULA - We are in a fable
AESTATE FLORIBUS - Last Summer's Flowers
SPIRITUS, DEORUM, DAEMONIA - Spirits, gods and devils
DE AMOR DE VITAE - The love of life
VADO IN PACEM - Go in peace


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