CHESNOKOV Pavel Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) REQUIEM Nº 2(1910)
Compositor Ruso nacido cerca de Moscu
Es autor de
Liturgia Ortodoxa Rusa para coro mixto
an orthodox Russian liturgy for the dead
Panikhida, opus 12, for mixed choir.

Panikhida - Requiem no. 2

CD editado por Olympia OCD 482 y Cantica / Duophon 03093TCL
Panikhida, opus 39,
Partes de la Obra:1. The Great Litany2. Alleluia3. Troparion 'Thou Art Blessed, O Lord'4. The Small Litany5. Psalms And Prayers To The Mother Of God6. Give Peace, O Lord7. Irmos, Chant 38. The Small Litany9. Give Peace, O Lord10. Irmos, Chant 611. Small Litany12. Soul Of Thy Servant...13. Spirits Of The Righteous... 14. The Augmented Litany15. Eternal Memory
Henk Klein Haneveld

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