Cabena, Harold Barrie (1933 -)
Compositor y organista Australiano - Canadiense nacido en Melbourne
Es autor del

Requiem for the victims of terrorism

Requiem por las Victimas del Terrorismo
Compuesto en el 2002

Para soprano,tenor y coro mixto
Ingles y Latin
Dura 24'30''
Editada la Consecracion
Chestnut Hall Music (only Consecration)
Requiem for the victims of terrorism is for 1 Soprano, 1 Tenor and Mixed chorus.

Partes:Introit: "Do not burden your soul with grief" (composer) Kyrie: Latin Ordinary (and composer) Gradual: Psalm 23 (trans. Miles Coverdale) Sequence: "Look not for justice" (composer) Offertory: "We only learn the suffering of death" (A.M. Ege) Sanctus and Benedictus: Latin Ordinary (and composer) Consecration: "Only the lonely" (A.M. Ege) Agnus Dei: Latin Ordinary (and composer) Communion: "Are you the dead?" (A.M. Ege)Litany: "In peace let us pray to the Lord" (composer) Responsory: "May the healing peace of God" (composer)

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