Becher. Josef (1821 - 1888)

Compositor y pastor protestante nacido en Aleman Neukirchen, Baviera,
Es autor de nada mas y nada menos que

23 Requiems Segun Arthur Pougin periodista musical frances.
According to Pougin, Becher wrote 23 requiems, but only Pougin mentions Becher's choral works. Arthur Pougin (06/08/1834 - 08/08/1921), a French writer on music. He was a theatre violinist and conductor in Paris until 1863, then turned to writing. He was a frequent contributor to Le ménestrel (from 1885 chief editor), La France musicale, L′art musical, Le soir, La tribune and the Journal officiel (from 1878) and edited the supplement to Fétis's Biographie universelle. His most important single work was on Verdi's life (1881).

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