Gluck, Robert (b. 1955)
Compositor y pianista Norteamericano
Es autor de la obra

Some Places I Have Been,
Compuesta en tre 1994y 1995
Grabacion Privada en 1995.
Entre sus partes incluye un Requiem"Aspects of Kol Nidrei," (7:23)
"Kabbalat Shabbat" (17:53): "Welcome" (1:58), "Lekha Dodi" (4:19), "HaMaariv Aravim"(4:31), "Shema" (3:27), "Shabbat Shalom"(3:41))
"Recalling Those Days" (8:50)
"Later That Day" (5:55),
"On That Day They Will Dance in White" (2:40),
"Reb Shlomo Meets Frank Zappa in the Next World" (3:15)
"A Requiem" (26:57) , 1994
"In My Mother's Father's House" (16:07), 1995
"Before and After" (10:50), 1995

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