FOULDS John Herbert(1880-1939) A WORLD REQUIEM(1921)
Compositor Ingles nacido en Manchester
Bio e Info
Muy bonita obra que se estuvo oyendo durante la fecha del armisticio de la I Guerra Mundial durante unos años ,luego cayo en deshuso y hace un año se recupero y se grabo.
Compuesto en 1921 Para todas las victimas de la I Guerra Mundial
Es para solistas ,coro,organo y orquesta
This World requiem, opus 60, is for soli, chorus, organ and orchestra.
Foulds wrote many orchestral, chamber, instrumental and choral works of very different stamp. Few were printed in his lifetime; a notable exception being the huge World requiem, (1919-21), in memory of the Great War dead of all nations. This was performed at the Royal Albert Hall on successive Armistice Nights, 1923-26, by up to 1,200 singers and players under the composer's direction.
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